Stallions can be very valuable assets which should be protected. Whether you have a colt still racing with the prospect of going to Stud one day, a Stallion embarking on his first season or a Stallion already at Stud we have a policy to protect your asset and potential income.

    For full policy wordings please see the PDF documents below. At a glance our policies can include the following:

    Stallion Permanent Total Disability Extension Endorsement

    Indemnifies the insured in the event of the Stallion becoming totally and permanently impotent or infertile or incapable of servicing mares as a result of an accident, injury, illness or disease.

    First Season Congenital Infertility (Superior Wording)

    Covering the stallion being rendered sub-fertile following a congenital abnormality or inability to breed, highlighted by superior wording offered by HQ Insurance Insurance Brokers and Swiss Re whereby only 5 qualifying mares need to be bred for the Lost Cause clause to respond (vs minimum of 20 qualifying mares under the traditional wording).

    Uncastrated Male Infertility

    This improved wording is particularly good and far superior to the standard Total Permanent Disability wording as it includes insuring the stallion where he becomes infertile or incapable of serving mares through accident, sickness or disease to allow for less than 10% fertility as a consequence (traditional policy requires 0% fertility, which, in our experience is neither reasonable nor practical).

    Loss of Income

    Renewal Extension

    In the event that your horse insured under this policy has incurred a life-threatening injury, illness or disease, but did not result in death or humane destruction, coverage will renew up to the applicable limit of liability until the first policy anniversary date after the horse reaches the age of 14 or until such time as the injury, illness or disease is no longer life-threatening, whichever is sooner. Further, NO Veterinary Certificate will be required for any renewal until the horse reaches 14 years of age.

    Agreed Value

    In the event of a covered loss, Underwriters will pay the full amount for which your horse is insured under the policy schedule at the time of the loss occurring.

    Options for Life Saving Surgery

    This extension covers Veterinary expenses including up to 14 days of after-care costs and transport to and from the hospital / clinic in instances where surgery under general anaesthetic or sedation (a clause pioneered by HQ Insurance) is performed in an attempt to save the life of your horse. Limits of up to $10,000 and $15,000 available.

    No Excess on Mortality Claims

    No excess payable on mortality claims which respond in the event of death either through natural causes or an accident, injury or illness so severe that a Veterinarian performs euthanasia on humane grounds to curtail excessive and ongoing pain and suffering. Standard Coverage also includes Theft and the freedom to transport your horse anywhere within and between Australia and New Zealand. Cover can also be arranged for almost anywhere in the world including transits.


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    Policy Features

    HQ Insurance offers you the most comprehensive Bloodstock Insurance for your Thoroughbreds.

    • Fall of Hammer Insurance
    • Premium Funding Available
    • Prompt Claims Settlement
    • Life Saving Surgery Cover – Now available up to a $15,000.


    Find our related policy wordings below.

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    October 2021

    What is Premium Funding?

    January 2018

    Fall of Hammer

    When buying a horse at auction sales, once the gavel has fallen and you are the successful bidder, the purchase is contractually yours and you are responsible for it.

    At fall of hammer risks to and in the horse immediately transfer from the seller to the buyer. Our Fall of Hammer insurance cover will be the safety net upon which you can rely for incidents that trigger a claim under the policy.