At HQ Insurance we are proud to offer the most comprehensive and all encompassing horse insurance for your competition or show horse. Our covers feature unique and exclusive extensions, some included free of charge and other optional extras that can be added upon request. We strive to make sure that you are as well covered as you can be for any insured eventuality – the best equine insurance cover.

Features of this horse insurance policy include:

  • Mortality,
  • Theft & Straying
  • Guaranteed Renewal
  • Agreed Value
  • Price Guarantee

Additional Options:

  • Loss of Use
  • Life Saving Surgery
  • Third Party Liability

We pride ourselves in offering policy wordings in easy to understand language. All components of this horse insurance product feature No Excesses with the exception of Third Party Liability cover.

If, at any point, you feel that the covers you have in place don’t meet your needs or satisfy your circumstances, please contact us immediately and we will see what else we can do for you.