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    At HQ Insurance we are proud to offer comprehensive and all-encompassing horse insurance for your competition or show horse. Our cover features unique and exclusive extensions, some included free of charge and other optional extras that can be added upon request.

    Type of Cover

    Bloodstock Mortality Insurance, responding in the event of death either through natural causes or an accident, injury or illness so severe that a Veterinarian performs euthanasia on humane grounds to curtail excessive and ongoing pain and suffering.

    Features of this horse insurance policy include:

    • Mortality
    • Theft
    • Renewal Extension
    • Agreed Value

    The policy also includes the freedom to transport your horse anywhere within and between Australia and New Zealand.

    Additional Options:

    • Loss of Use (Comprehensive & Restricted)
    • Life Saving Surgery
    • Prospective Foal Cover
    • Stallion Permanent Disability

    We pride ourselves in offering policy wordings in easy to understand language. All components of this horse insurance product feature No Excesses with the exception of Life Saving Surgery & Third Party Liability cover.

    If, at any point, you feel that the covers you have in place doesn’t meet your needs or satisfy your circumstances, please contact us immediately and we will see what else we can do for you.

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    Policy Features

    HQ Insurance offers you the most comprehensive Bloodstock Insurance for your Thoroughbreds.

    • Fall of Hammer Insurance
    • Premium Funding Available
    • Prompt Claims Settlement
    • Life Saving Surgery Cover – Now available up to a $15,000 limit.


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    September 2020

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    September 2020

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