For horses up to and including a value of $25,000, all underwriters require is a Declaration of Health that we provide to you. This form can be filled out by you or the person who is responsible for custody of your horse. It means that you can sign and date it yourself so it saves you the cost of obtaining a Veterinary Certificate.

For horses insured for more than $25,000, underwriters require a current insurance veterinary certificate which your veterinarian should complete upon examination of your horse.

If you want the Loss of Use options, restricted loss of use will require a 2-stage veterinary certificate only, at your expense. Comprehensive Loss of Use, also at your expense, will require a 5-stage vetting with x-rays of all 4 limbs, with certification by a veterinarian as being within normal and healthy limits. Though full bloods are not required to be tested for this cover to commence, it is highly recommended that they are carried out at the same time.