The Australasian Sports Horse Scheme will cover you for what can best be described as Risks Mortality – death due to:

  • Accident,
  • Injury,
  • Illness, or
  • Disease.

Also covered is humane destruction of your horse or pony due to any of the above circumstances.

Remember that, as with all equine insurance covers, you have a duty of care in doing the utmost to save your horse in any of the above circumstances and also a duty of disclosure to tell us immediately if any of the above circumstances occur.

Not covered is economic destruction – ‘putting your horse down’ because you do not think it is able to compete or because veterinary fees for treatment are going to be too expensive in relation to the horse’s value. For options that may help if you are faced with these circumstances, HQ offers the exclusive Guaranteed Renewal Clause, a Life Saving Surgery extension, Agreed Value (as opposed to the traditional market value equine insurance policy) and a Price Guarantee. All of these features combine to make this the best horse insurance cover on the market.

Please note that Wobbler Syndrome is also covered; in this regard please refer to the policy wording.

In the event of a claim, you will need to arrange a post-mortem and autopsy.

There is Nil Excess.