Worried about unforeseen veterinary expenses or just fear the moral hazard of the life of your horse being threatened? We all dread the day that our horse has a colic attack, or develops some other immediate life-threatening condition, or sustains a paddock injury that leads to an infection that becomes life-threatening. Can you afford to operate to save the life of your horse? Can you afford the after-care veterinary costs? The prognosis is poor and you are faced with an emotional dilemma of what to do, without knowing what the costs may amount to. Moreover there is no guarantee that your horse will survive the operation. Worst case, you could be left with no horse and huge veterinary bills.

Let us help before you are ever faced with that unenviable predicament. Life Saving Surgery cover is designed to protect you in these and similar situations. With a limit of $10,000 ($15,000 for horses insured for $50,000 or over), this extension covers:

  • The costs of the operation,
  • Up to 30 days post surgery veterinary and after-care, and
  • Transportation to and from the veterinary clinic/hospital.

All for only $150 plus GST & Stamp Duty. Nil Excess yet again. We feel this is a big step forward in meeting your horse insurance needs.