The most exciting innovation in equine insurance in recent years, it is unique to the HQ Insurance Group. Not only that but it can be included in your policy absolutely free!

What does it mean? Guaranteed Renewal means that once underwriters have seen and accepted an initial Veterinary Certificate or Declaration of Health, renewal is guaranteed every year until your horse reaches 14 years of age, without the need to obtain customary annual health documentation and irrespective of the health of your horse.

More importantly, if your horse suffers a life-threatening injury, illness or disease during the policy period, the policy will renew at the same sum insured with no exclusion placed on the policy. Take colic for example. If your horse were to suffer a bout of colic, any other insurance cover would likely exclude death due to colic when the policy renewed. With the Guaranteed Renewal Clause, you are covered unconditionally.

Speaking of colic, those fees for surgery can be scary, whether you can afford them or not. Please look to our Life Saving Surgery extension to our horse insurance policies to help you out.