Another exciting extension offered by HQ is Loss of Use cover. It would come into play if your horse is injured or falls ill, rendering it incapable of carrying out its stated use again. This is ideal for performance horses competing at any level of competition.

So what’s the catch? Well, the hardest thing for you is getting protection for such high risk cover in the first place. In order for qualify for and enter into the policy contract, underwriters impose pretty strict acceptance criteria. Inter alia, it’s designed to prevent other people abusing the cover, which can only lead to the price of the product going up for you and all other well meaning customers. You will need a 5-stage vetting as well as x-rays of all 4 limbs, confirmed by a veterinarian, at your expense, as being within normal and healthy limits. Blood tests are highly recommended but not compulsory. Once you have complied and returned to us the various results, and they have been accepted by underwriters you are all set to go!

This cover will safeguard you for 60% of the sum insured and you can keep your horse if it is the subject of a claim. Again there is Nil Excess on this loss of use insurance cover.